About Kenya

The Country of Kenya

Seating across the Equator, boasting of the second highest mountain in Africa (Mt. Kenya), Kenya is a country endowed with enormous beauty and natural resources and indeed it is a country to visit for leisure and pleasure. covering about 582564 Sq. kilometers (about the size of state of Texas USA)Kenya`s diverse geography offers a stunning variety of mammals, birds, aquatic mammals ,sunshine, mountains rift valley and the vast and beautiful coastal strip and vibrant culture and hospitality of its people.

KENYA borders Ethiopia to the north east, Sudan to the North West, Uganda to the west, Tanzania to the south, and Somalia to the extreme east.Boasting of the second highest mountain in Africa Mt.kenya 5,199 mtrs above sea level the snow capped mountain lies in the central part of Kenya by the equator.

Climate and Weather

Kenya being a country in the tropics has basically tropical type of climate just like most of the countries in Africa. There are however rainy seasons and dry seasons in Kenya. Rainy seasons are usually during the months of mid march or early April to mid June (long rains) short rains occur during the months of October to December. July is usually the winter season for the country with temperature going as long as 10 degrees Celcious.

However these seasons do not translate to tourist seasons. Tourist seasons are usually during the months of wildebeest’s migration in July to around October.

Most farmers in Kenya practice subsistence farming or small scale farming in the rift valley province of Kenya. Agriculture is the second biggest income earner to the government with dominant crops being tea and coffee. Horticulture is one major export from Kenya to Europe with fresh flowers from Naivasha is transported daily to Europe and Americas.

Visa and Travel Info.

Nationals from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and all EU nations require visa to travel to the country. A single entry visa fee of 50USD is charged for non residents and is valid for 3 months and is valid for re-entry from Uganda and Tanzania. Requirements however change from time to time and its recommended for travelers to be checking for updates from Kenya missions abroad before traveling to the country. A seven day transit visa is available for half the price at most ports of entry.

Health and Insurance

Health insurance is required for travelers from abroad due to tropical diseases rampant in the country. it is highly recommended for tourists to have own health insurance from their respective countries because the county`s public health scheme is not very efficient. Private temporary health insurance can be arranged by various travel agents in the country.

Getting There.

Air transport is the easiest way of getting to the country. With most commercial and chartered flights in and out of the country landing and taking of almost after every 15 minutes at major airports in the country. Arrivals by cruise ship is also recommended because the port of Mombasa is highly efficient and can handle large number of fleet both cargo and passenger.

Population and People

After gaining independence from the British rule in 1963, political stability in the country has seen a massive growth in population from about 16 million people at independence to 38.6 million people 42 years later (last census done in 2009). Kenya has diversity in terms of culture and heritage with 42 ethnic tribes spread across the country each with different ethnic culture and practices. Home of the famous Maasai community, Kenya, like many African countries comprise of mostly Bantus (majority), nilotes and the Cushites. Kenyas population has been affected by influx of refugees from neighboring Sudan and Somalia.

Politics and Independence

After independence, Kenya has been under single party rule until 1992 when the famous section 2a was repealed and Kenya became a multi party state. Currently the country is ruled by a coalition government formed after the disputed general election in 2007.the country is headed by the President and the prime minister. however with the passing of the new constitution, the country`s system of governance is set to change in the years to come. Under the new constitution, the country is set to be governed by a federal system of governance. Elections in Kenya are held after every five years and the president is allowed by the constitution to run for two terms only. Kenya is governed administratively by provinces headed by provincial commissioners however that is said to change under the newly ratified constitution to a county system of governance.

Western Safari Destination

  • Kakamega Forest +

    Located 50kms north of kisumu city,Kakamega forest is one of kenya's remaining tropical rain forest with indigenous trees and over Read More
  • Kisumu City +

    Founded as a railway town and a port town in the former East African Community,Kisumu town formerly known as port Read More
  • Lake Victoria +

    The largest fresh water lake in the country and only second in the world after Lake Albert in the US-Canada Read More
  • Mt. Elgon Nat. Park +

    Loaction:Kenya Uganda border. 420 kms from nairobi Size:1279sq km. The lower volcanic mountain (4320mtrs) named after maasai word "Ol Donyo Read More
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Favourite packages

  • 5 Days & 4 Nights +

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