Tsavo National Park

Little history. Tsavo had the biggest population of rhinos in the entire Africa. By 1981, the number had been reduced by hunters and poachers however the effort to restock their population is done by Ngulia rhino sanctuary.

Mzima springs is one of the famous attractions in Tsavo. known for its crystal clear waters and its population of hippos and Nile crocodiles.Mzima springs is a natural spring with its source at a underground reservoir under the chyulu Hills 50km north of the park.The Chyulu range of mountains is composed of volcanic lava rock and ash, which is too porous to allow water to flow therefore the rain water which collects percolates down the  rocks before emerging at mzima springs.This place offers a chance to see clearly some aquatic animals under the clear waters of Mzima springs.

Roaring Rocks

Located near the rhino sanctuary in Tsavo west national park,this place will give you a magnificent panoramic birds eye view of the cliffs,rhino valley and Ngulia Hills.This has been a look out point over the rhino valley to check for poachers of rhinoceros which was rampant many years back.The name is derived from  sound emanating from the rocks after the winds hit them and produces a stunning sound.

Shetani Lava Flow

This is arguably the most recent(250years ago) visible volcanic activity in the park.Shetani(swahili for devil) lava flow is a black lava flow about 8kms long and 1.5kms wide, 5mtrs deep.a colcanic activity which erupted and spelled a curse to the community living there then covering them alive hence the name shetani flow.

Chaimu Crator

Also known as chaimu hills,this is a magnificent but  tall rising hill in black volcanic stone colour usually not very easy to climb but a very challenging activity in Tsavo.

Man eaters of Tsavo

In 1895 the construction of  the lunatic express(Kenya Uganda railway) began,with enormous manpower from Indians who had the expertise in this kind of job.By the summer of 1898,the construction which had reached tsavo river stalled because the workers were being attacked by lions and eaten.it is estimated that close to 100 people were eaten by the lions.On December 1 1898,the construction had stalled completely and one colonel J Patterson, British chief engineer who was in charge of construction of the bridge over Tsavo river attempted to catch the lions night by night by using traps,poisons and by maintaining 24hr vigil.

Most workers had given up and fled back to the coast and one night on December 10, Patterson fired four shots which killed the first mane less man eater lions which measured 9ft 8inches and took close to 8 men to carry.18days later he killed a second lion and life returned back to normal and the construction went on as planned.

Accommodation in the park include

  • Kilaguni lodge
  • Finch huttons`s camp
  • Voyager safari camp
  • Ngulia lodge
  • Kitana bandas
  • Crocodile camp
  • Pattersons` camp
  • Satans camp.

Tsavo East National Park

Loaction: South East of Nairobi

Size:13,747sq km

Distance from Nairobi: 260km

 This is arguably the largest and oldest national parks in kenya covering almost 4% of the country,s land mass.lying between Nairobi and Mombasa in the coast,Tsavo East traverses through untappted arena of arid and semi arid savanna vegetation which is adorned by the meandering of Galana river and patrolled by the largest herds of elephants ever seen in the world.

Major attractions in the park include:

  1. Aruba Dam.The beautiful Aruba dam located in the bank of seasonal voi river is visited by numerous wildlife  in serch of water.
  2. Elephant Eden.The marvelous sight of elephants wallowing,rolling, dusting and spraying each other with water from galana river is one of most breathtaking sights in Africa
  3. Mudanda rocks.Whale back rock type towers above a natural dam acting as a draw to many elephants.
  4. Yatta plateau.The longest lava flow in the country,300kms in length, the heat shimmering Yatta plateau is the longest lave flow in the world and an ornithological paradise attracting migrating birds from the world over.
  5. Lugards Falls.Named after Captain Lugard,the first proconsul to east Africa,the fall features bizarrely eroded rocks through which the waters from the galana river drops down forming streams and rivers infested with crocodiles

Amboseli National Park

amboseli national park

Little history.

The current amboseli game park was part of the southern Maasai reserve at the turn of the century. Formerly a reserve in the sixties because of the inhabitation of Maasai, the government saw the need to revert the management of the park and give it to the Kenya wildlife service’s because of continuous conflict between locals and the animals. The park has suffered from severe soil erosion due to heavy rains in the past and most of the vegetation has been swept away   leaving it one of dustiest parks in the country.

Attractions in the park:

  • Large herds of elephants
  • permanent swamps from mt kilimanjaro
  • view of mt kilimanajaro
  • lake amboseli

Accommodation in the park include

  • Amboseli Serena
  • Ol tukai lodge
  • Tortilis camp
  • Sentrim lodge
  • Kibo slope

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