Samburu National Park

The special five of Samburu

Beisa oryx:

This is  a sub species of the oryx family of antelope with ability to live long without is adapted to the drought of the reserve.

Somali Ostrich:

This is a different race of ostrich found only north of the equator and is different in colour from the southern is easily identified with its blue thighs.

Grevy Zebra:


These type of zebras are only found  in the north and parts of  southern Ethiopia. much bigger in size than the southern race and with well designed markings on their body, these animals are easy to identify.

Reticulated Girrafe:

This is probably the most beautiful of all girraffes with large polygonal liver like markings most likely drawn by an artist.

Long neck Gerenuk:

A resident of samburu and other dry areas, these antelopes with long neck have a strange browsing habit of standing on their hind legs and foraging tall acacia scrubs.

Accommodation in the park include

  • Samburu lodge
  • Samburu Serena
  • Ashnil camp
  • Larsens camp Shaba game lodge
  • Samburu sopa

Mt. Kenya National Park

Location: East of Rift Valley

Distance from Nairobi: 180km.


This is an extinct volcano which last erupted over 3 million years ago and Africa’s second highest mountain (5199mtr).with two jagged peaks as result of massive volcanic plug.

Described by UNESCO as a world heritage site,Mt.Kenya is one the most impressives site in Eastern part of Africa doubling up as an important water catment area to over 40% of country's population.Climate in tn and around the park varies with altitude and major attractions in the park include;

Massive pristine wilderness,lakes,glaciers,springs,endangered high altitude birlds and animals.Main activities include;

Game viewing


Mountain climbing

exploration of the caves

The western world first heard of the mountain when one missionary Dr.ludwig Krapf saw snow on top in 1843 and went to break the news to his European peers but they never believed him until when Joseph Thomson confirmed it in 1883. The mountain has three peaks with highest peak Batian and the second highest nelion being very ragged and difficult to reach.Excursions and climbs to the mountain can be arranged.

Accommodation in the park include

Mountain lodge

Naromoru river lodge

Sirimons bandas

Mt Kenya safari club

Meru National Park

Meru national park

Location: North east of Mt.kenya

Distance from Nairobi: 350km

Accesibility: road, air.


Meru national park is one of the least visited parks and one of the vast and abundantly traversed by streams following into Tana River on the southern boundary.The park has varied vegetation with vast semi arid zone with thorny bushes to the west, highly forested areas to the east with climate varying from time to time.

Main attractions in the park include:

game viewing with wildlife like grevy zebra,elephants bushpigs and abundant birdlife,

former home of Joy and George Adamson and Elsa the lioness,

views of Mt. kenya

Adamsons falls

Aberdares National Park

aberdares national park

Location: Central Kenya

Distance from Nairobi:160 km

Size:770sq km

The lower eastern slopes of Mt.Kenya have been farmed by early European settlers and with peaks of up to 4000mtrs is what forms the Abadare range of Mountains.Abardare National Park is forrmed both by savana type of vegetation as wella s thick forests and waterfalls with varying type of wildlife including the rare type known as the bongo.

Long before European settlers came, the kikuyu called the range of mountains Nyandarua and when explorer named Thomson came in 1884 he named it after Lord Aberdares the famous president of the ROYAL GEOGRAPHY SOCIETY. Aberdares range of mountain played a vital role during the Mau-Mau rebellion of 1950s because most of the rebels used to hide and plan their attacks from the forests of Aberdares however to the west of the forest and the eastern slope of the rift valley saw larger concentration of settlers and was named the happy valley.


Accommodation in Aberdares include the famous THE ARCH HOTEL and TREE TOPS HOTEL both having rich history with the latter having been the famous hotel where the queen of England stayed in 1952. The arch on the other offers a steep completion for its unique architecture which resembles the Noah’s arch.

Other nearest accommodation can be found in nyeri town due to its close proximity to the park. These accommodation include the famous

  • Outspan hotel
  • Central hotel
  • Waterfalls.

Thomson`s falls

Located in Kenya’s highest town of nyahururu (2360mtrs) Thomson’s falls is a 75mtr fall which was founded by Joseph Thomson a famous European explorer who named the falls after his father in 1883.

The spectacular site to behold is a fall of clean pure water from the Aberdares mountain falling through and running to the floor of the rift valley.

Accommodation include THOMSONS FALL LODGE.

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